Match: Cranbrook Cretins (2) vs. Angry Ron's Rampagers (2)


@RRBBL An evenly matched encounter between the two teams. The Rampagers received first and carefully worked their way up the pitch, scoring near the end of the first half. The team took some punishment in the process, with Lt Hate suffering a serious injury as he was pushed into the crowd. There was still enough time left for the Cretins to equalise, and after a false start when their miracle play failed they just about managed to do so. Half-Time: 1-1 The Cretins had just equalised and were now receiving, a great position to be in. Their early foray into Rampagers territory with the ball looked to have ended in disaster as a ruck developed around the ball carrier and it eventually fell into Kharnath’s hands. He escaped from the ruck but was then surrounded again and tripped up trying to break free (right after he took Skit Bitterspire out of the game). Crok Nightspine gathered the loose ball and ran in for his second touchdown of the game. 2-1 to the Skaven! This obviously angered t
he Rampagers who promptly went on a blocking spree, knocking down every rat they could get their hands on. They stormed up the pitch and easily equalised, with only 3 Skaven left on the pitch by the end of the match. Full-Time: 2-2

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup XI Feed