Match: Dodgey Muppetts (0) vs. Yer a Lizard 'Arry (1)


@RRBBL Well Bob, that was certainly a ‘game of 2 halves’. It always is Jim isn’t it? No Bob, I mean that it looked like the Elves had the game in the bag after they stole the ball from the Lizards on their drive. Unfortunately for them some desperate defense by 'Arry’s boys managed to keep them from scoring but they were looking strong going into the second half. Robbie the Krox didn’t seem to realise he was supposed to be playing Bloodbowl, spending the first 2 turns of both halves looking for lice in his scales and even the efforts of Slibli (bought by a last minute bung) couldn’t hold the centre together in the first half. What a difference in the second half though! Slibli was impossible to put down in the centre, surviving no less than 6 dice against in one turn, and the rest of the team seemed inspired by this to pull one out of the bag. An unfortunate snake eyes ended one Elf turn early and the Lizards really went to town, KO’ing 3 players and stunning a couple of others. The
next turn for the Muppets also ended badly with a dreaded ‘Dub Skulls’ and that really sealed their fate. By the end of turn 14, the Lizards were in an unassailable position, a last ditch effort to pull off some ‘Elf BS’ having failed to return the hoped for result on a 4+ dodge followed by a 6+. The Lizards managed to tie up the mid-field and camp a skink on the endzone with plenty of support to walk over in turn 16 ending the match at 1-0. Hardly the stunning spectacular the large crowd had hoped for, but Coach Santa will be well pleased with the result!

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup XI Feed