Match: Modus Blockerandi (1) vs. The Mental Disorders (2)


Disorders keep their dreams alive with win over woeful Blockerandi Blockerandi received, but didn’t live up to their name and put on a dismal blocking display that the Disorders pounced all over. Longstride put up a defensive Hail Mary but it had nowhere near the length handing the advantage to the elves. The elves shrugged off Blockerandi’s emergency use of a “Rune Of Unwilling Flight” and duly cashed in for a 1-0 lead through the Witch Elf With No Name. Lackluster blocking persisted for the Bretonnians on the next drive and Freeblade was forced to make a long dash for it and was dispatched by a witch elf pair getting free of their marks. Looking to double their lead in the closing stages of the half, the Distorders recovered the ball and sent it long. Luckily for Blockerandi however, interception specialist Longsride read the play and got the interception. In the dying moments Longstride dashed forward to send a short pass to the unmarked Piggy Swillington who showed unch
aracteristic dexterity to catch the ball and run in for the equaliser. The Disorders received in the second half and capitalised on their “Everyone’s An Expert” fans and “Round The Clock Training”, reducing their errors. For their part, Blockerandi had partially resolved their blocking issues and put up some defence. In a scoring position, the Disorders decided to stall and throw amongst theirselves, which could have been a disaster when a blitzer dropped the catch. Longstride saw a chance with a peasant way downfield and scooped the ball up right under the noses of the Dark Elves. The star player, though, fumbled the ball as he wound up for the Hail Mary that would have made Blockerandi favourites for the win. Sociopath was on hand for the Disorders however to cooly catch the fumble and run in the winner.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed


After the match, Coach Dopey had this to say:

“Congratulations to Coach Cameron and the Disorders who needed nothing less than a win and fully deserved it. I guess my guys were still tired from the win midweek. We have a long break now to work on our blocking because we can afford a display like that again. Mind you, if you’d said a win and a loss two weeks ago, we’d have definitely taken it. We’ve at least put us in a position where a draw in the last game will definitely see us through. We need to focus on achieving that now. Fortunately the takings at the Magic Kingdom were huge, so thanks to the fans we now have a replacement blitzer”.


Blocking problems solved! … Coach’s error … I forgot to put on the Camo Hat :blush:


No wonder you lost! :laughing:


And now we know your weakness! Mwaa haa haa


My weakness is well known to be alcohol… My strength is the camo hat! :wink: