Match: Modus Blockerandi (2) vs. Rhinestone Slannboys (1)


@RRBBL Winner deep into overtime sees Blockerandi progress Coach Dopey had this to say after the match: Still trying to digest what happened! Can’t even remember how we got the equaliser. One each at full time with both teams full of attacking intent the whole match; no team deserved to lose. In overtime it just seemed like the Slannboys were exhausted from all that leaping about whereas my guys managed to maintain their innate skill and finesse. That was the difference in the end. It always hurts to lose the close ones so I feel for Coach Dave and the Slannboys who played well and could easily have got through. We screwed up our tactics in the first half and consequently Longstride got smashed off the pitch. We got turned over by diligent work from DaveO’s frogs and we were lucky that our “Trampoline Trap” worked to prevent us conceding. In the second half we were caught off guard by the “Trapdoor Sneak” Massena and couldn’t stop the superb pass-play score. The k
ey moment was in our riposte with The Ultimate Wrestler landing that unlikely fatal pile driver on Rochampbeau. With the krox gone we started making some inroads in the contact and we could mount a robust scoring drive. Late on in regular time we went for it on the “Blitz” to get the winner, but as you know we fluffed the pass. Still, that would have been an unfitting end to a great game, but we’re relieved to have won through in overtime.

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