Match: Part-Time Pirates (1) vs. The Lounging Lizards (1)


@RRBBL Lizards plunder late equaliser after Pirates squander fortunes The Saruses scales didn’t take to Port Plunder and the Pirates immediately put in suprisingly big hits lead by Von Kill. The Pirates cashed in on their superior numbers and Todger scored the opener. The Lizrads woes continued and the Pirates should have been two ahead at the break, but Dodger tripped as he was about to cross the goaline. Things picked up for the Lizards in the second half, but their drive was disrupted by Von Kill who was subsequently hussled into the crowd by a scaly mob. Things looked good for the Pirates who recovered the ball, but a man marking mistake allowed a pair of enterprising Sauruses to engineer a blitz on ball carrier Cabin Boy. The Pirates were unable to handle the onrushing Lizards leaving the Skinks to run in unchallenged to level the scores. Coach Dopey has this to say after the game: Firstly congrats to Coach Santa and the Lizards. They were the better team and deserved the equaliser. I’m quite glad we didn’t come away with a jammy win. I think that would have disguised the true level that the Pirates and me as a coach are currently at. It’s good to get back on the Blood Bowl field and there were positives, so we can build on that going forward.

from RRBBL: Perpetual Premier League Feed