Match: Rhinestone Slannboys (6) vs. The Flea-ing Cir-cuss (1)


@RRBBL League officials are understood to be investigating incidents that occurred during the Slannboys - Fleaing circus game. Suspicions of match fixing have been raised when not once, but twice one Troll picked up a goblin and threw it at the other Troll, felling it. The incidents must have had an impact on the game, but cannot be blamed for the result. The Slannboys coasted in the second half to a 6 -1 victory. The game looked much closer in the first half, with the goblins coming close to a touchdown that would have levelled the game at 2-2, however the flying goblin crashed to the ground at the feet of a Slann catcher, releasing the ball at his feet and condemning the goblin to a spell with the team apothecary and a dab down with a magic sponge.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed


Mayhem! Sounds like an entertaining match!

I’ll start the investigation :wink:

I assume these were not fumbles? … if they were then “A fumbled team-mate will land in the square he originally occupied” and this shouldn’t have happened.

UPDATE: I have checked with Santa; these were indeed genuine throws and not fumbles!