Match: The Deep Lore Rabble (1) vs. Modus Blockerandi (2)


Blockerandi edge past the Rabble in the “Battle of the Unbeaten Teams” Blockerandi received and survived a “Dirty Block” from the Rabble and a “Tripping Hazard” to build an aggressive touchdown scoring drive through Freeblade, injuring several rats in the process. The referee failed to spot Piggy Swillington’s “Hidden Blade” adding to the carnage. In the second half the Rabble made an enterprising break using Shaun Spiker as a decoy runner despite his consumption of a “Spiked Sports Drink” during the break. Blockerandi sweeper, Bulk Bogan, was on hand however to floor the true ball carrier near the goaline. Longstride saw his chance to clear the Bretonnian lines, but he put too much on his Hail Mary Pass sending the ball just beyond the Rabble’s end zone. The elf then ended up with egg on his face as the Rabble’s fans threw the ball half the way back to around the halfway line. A surprised Blockerandi then looked on in horror as a sup
erb pass-hand off play involving Hope Kicks and Steve Cannon levelled the score with a lightning fast counter attack. Blockerandi rallied with Kick Return Specialist Longstride, unfazed after his blunder, getting underneath the kickoff and taking the ball cleanly. The ball was given to Strider and the Bretonnians set up to drive forward. Due to diminishing numbers of rats from Blockerandi aggression, the Rabble were forced to make increasing desperate plays. A final goal line stand by the gutter runners was almost successful, but Strider had just enough time to get the winning score before time ran out.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed