Match: The Deep Lore Rabble 2-3 Tor Yvresse Harlequins


Harlequins edge tense match to reach final

With the roars of the fans and the shouting of the assistant coaches urging both sides on, the Harlequins got off to a dream start when a set-play passing touchdown was followed by a quick turnover of the Rabble’s offence, leaving the High Elves 2-0 up inside the first quarter. The Skaven showed they couldn’t be counted out yet as they immediately pulled one back from the kick-off before the elves could react.

The Harlequins got ready to receive the ball again, taking to the pitch in their standard passing-play formation, when King started to act very strangely (even for a High elf!). A sneaky rat had spiked his sports drink between drives! The elf thrower was in a maniacal frenzy and clearly wouldn’t be able to focus on ball-handling duties, so Diamond ran back to retrieve the ball for him. Things went from bad to worse for the Harlequins as Diamond was then transmogrified into a frog by the Rabble’s Sports-Wizard. In spite of this the Harlequins still made it difficult for the Rabble, but in spite of several attempts were not able to make the crucial pass that would have set them up for a third touchdown. The Deep Lore Rabble eventually capitilised, Keith Killer taking out the frog-shaped Diamond, whilst Shaun Spiker collected the ball for his second touchdown of the match just as the whistle blew.

Half-time: 2-2

The Rabble had got themselves back in the game and were now receiving, whilst the Harlequins had lost their place-kicker. They received and set up a strong offensive line, but the Harlequins immediately hit back and put a lot of pressure on the cage, forcing the ball carrier to retreat deep into the Skaven half whilst they reorganised themselves. Ace spotted an opening and slipped through to blitz the Gutter Runner holding the ball, knocking him over and stunning him but failing to gather the ball when the score looked inevitable. Steve Cannon dashed back at full pelt and managed to scoop up the ball, but by this point the Harlequins were starting to win the blocking battle and the dugout was filling up with KO’d rats.

With no easy outlet the Rabble switched flanks, but the greater numbers of the High elves meant they couldn’t escape and Blackjack blitzed the ball carrier over. Ace dashed back again to retrieve the ball, but again fumbled the pick-up under no pressure. The ball landed in the middle of a group of Harlequins players, and with the Rabble unable to get it back the Harlequins systematically cleared the area of rats. Ace went for the ball again and at his third attempt picked it off the turf, quickly throwing it to Blackjack who just about caught it under pressure and dodged away from his marker. Attempts to blitz the elf catcher with the few Skaven that could reach him were thwarted and Blackjack ran in for the winning touchdown just as the final whistle blew.

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Looked like a good game. Congratulations to Jonathan - who now is a game away from an unprecedented treble - to hold the Premier League, Kirton Cup and Rygas Cup all at once!

Commiserations to Tom who did well to rally to come back from 2-0 down; a commendable response from the defending champ - most of us would have wilted.

… was it 2-1 at halftime?


2 all at half time after a one turn touchdown near the end. I definitely felt wilted by the end!


Yeah Tom did very well to get himself back into the match and put himself in the stronger position when he was receiving at 2-2, as at 2-0 down we could easily have had the situation where, with two quick scoring teams like ours, we just traded one or two turn touchdowns for the rest of the game and the one or two score lead was maintained.

I think also this is the first time I have won a game against you Tom!

Hadn’t considered the treble, certainly makes it sound more impressive if I can pull it off!