Match: The Hard Dazed Knights (2) vs. Angry Ron's Rampagers (1)


@RRBBL The game started perfectly for the Rampagers when Kjorn caught the ball direct from the kick-off, but then instantly turned to disaster when The Great Khorneholio knocked himself out when attempting a blitz. The Bloodthirster then stayed asleep for the rest of the match, depriving the Khorne team of their most important player. The remaining Rampagers were left flailing around for the rest of the half as the Hard Dazed Knights ran in 2 touchdowns and more Daemons joined Khorneholio in the KO box. Things didn’t improve after the break as the Knights were now receiving, and a riot meant there was less time for the Rampagers to pull back the deficit. The Knights made a quick breakthrough but tried to be too elaborate in their push for a quick 3rd TD and lost the ball in the Rampagers half. The ball was gathered by Kjorn at the second time of asking, and the Khorne team started to show their muscles as 7 Human players were removed from the pitch, most of them being KO’d. There was
not enough time for the Rampagers to reset for an equalizer so they had to settle for the consolation score. FT: Hard Dazed Knights 2, Angry Ron’s Rampagers 1

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup XI Feed