Match: Tor Yvresse Harlequins (2) vs. War Muppetts are back (1)


Harlequins survive late Muppett pressure to take much needed win.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed


@Jonathan, @Muppett



That’s because the High Elves are a Mid-Atlantic based team :wink:


Hah yeh.

We got thrown out by the Scary bar lady and had to finish at Johnathans place.


Craziness! :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though (assuming you are not joking), we all probably need to have a look at how long the games are taking if we are starting to piss off the social club.

… I’ll just put that out there :wink:


Egg timers!


What time did the game start?


Well it’s hardly the first time I’ve posted up the match report in the early hours, although I think it’s the first time it’s appeared on the forum feed. I have to say though I thought it was around 12:30 I put it in, I think the internal time in OBBLM may be based on a different timezone perhaps?

I think we didn’t get started until around 7:30 which didn’t help.

They used to be a bit more flexible about us finishing late but that was when they had different bar staff, so I need to remember that they are strict about it these days. For those of us who have been taking part in the league for a while, you may remember we used to stick to 4-minute turns and stop clocks so perhaps it would be a good idea to recommend players use that for the second half if they are running behind schedule.

Also, there were very few early turnovers in this match so pretty much every player on the pitch was involved each turn.


I also like the idea of chess clocks, then you get more control over how you spend your time.

Perhaps next season we could come up a rule that kicks in if 2 hours have passed without reaching the second half (for example). I think it would be good to have an automatic cutoff rather than putting the onus on one of the coaches to call it (and potentially feel like they’re being a jerk).

I also think Jonathan is right about the timestamp on OBBLM based on my match with Jim.


Achtung! the server is based in Germany, so is an hour ahead :wink:


I have an embryonic “chess clock” idea that I’ll likely implement in the Perpetual League to test it out.


So set the server to UTC :slightly_smiling_face:
Seriously. I think that the issue with a Chess clock is that if 1 player runs out of time completely, what happens?


UTC - might have to ask you how to do that Santa!

RE Time Clocks: They do this in some BB tournaments. In the event that a coach runs out of time, all he/she can do is stand up prone players and un-stun stunned players (and resolve anything that HAS to happen)


That’s kind of my concern too. Dopey has covered what happens in tournaments, but this is supposed to be a semi-casual league for beginners and experienced players after all. If I was to impose some sort of time-restriction I would probably make it 5-minute turns. This should be more than enough for most people without rushing them, and still keeps the game to 3hrs at most.

I’ll also add that I didn’t think it was fair for me to ‘call’ the game at 11pm with 2 turns left and me leading 2-1, particularly when Drew was in a good position to equalise. It would have had big implications for a number of coaches at this stage in the league.


The chess clock app I was playing with allows a minimum turn length so even when you “run out” of time you still get a short turn.



I definitely think we need to aim to keep the games below 3 hours

… if they get longer than that, then they potentially get prohibitive to people with various other commitments


I have one thing to say to all these complicated Chess based timers…
Egg Timers!

Seriously, if we implement timed turns ( as the Ryga’s League used to, based on usual Tournament rules (at the time :slightly_smiling_face: ) everyone would know where they stood from game 1.

As the Commish, Jonathan could set the turn length to be higher than the (then) standard 4 minutes; but I am seriously of the opinion that ridiculously long games do favour the players who try and eke out as much as they possibly can from each turn, and disadvantage those who have difficulties concentrating that much for over 3 hours!

In some cases it can seem (to those on the receiving end of a slow player) that it is more of a war of attrition than a game of BB!

As to ‘calling’ the game, I personally think that if both players are equally guilty of taking a long time over each turn (for whatever reason) the player who tries to ‘call’ the match should automatically lose :bomb:

I am sure that I am not alone in being more than happy to give leeway to inexperienced players over turn lengths, but I think that experienced players who take an unconscionably long time over some turns should definitely be called on it!


chess timers can work fine, lets people have more time on turns if they have suffered a turn over before hand ( as chess timers is a total time rather than a fixed amount each turn).

if one player runs out you would just restrict them to short turns i.e. 2 mins long


Wow! I seemed to have sparked something off!

Lots of great points everyone! :+1: