Match: Tor Yvresse Harlequins (3) vs. The Deep Lore Rabble (3)


The very first roll of the game was snake eyes and that set the tone for a match where every safe play failed but plenty of shenanigans went off without a hitch. With two high agility and high movement teams the ball never seemed safe and the number of skulls and ones on the dice ensured it changed hands often. The rats made a tactically questionable decision to foul a catcher on turn 8 which cost them a touchdown ending the half 1-1. This was offset by a favourable kick-off in the second half allowing them to score the first one-turn-touchdown of their coach’s career. The elves got a double six for a pitch invasion which left more than half of their opponents on the ground thanks to their +2 FAME, helping them to go 3-2 up with only two turns left in the game. A very long scatter on their final kick-off gave the rats a touchback, helping them to get the ball past the elf line and loosely screened. Some careful positioning afforded the remaining elf blitzer two dice on the ball carri
er to preserve their lead but he didn’t get the results he needed. The rats were able to score on their turn 16 and the game ended 3-3.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed