Match: War Muppetts are back 0—1 Modus Blockerandi


Muppets denied equaliser in double ball mix up

The Muppetts exploited a gap in the Modus cage early in the Bretonnian drive by flooring Strider and getting the ball loose. Luckily for Blockerandi, Longstride was on had to clear up the mess and got the ball to debutant Sir Crowdfunded. Crowdfunded dashed into clean air. Realising that conceding the touchdown was a lost cause, the Muppetts set about pulverising Blockerandi where they stood. Animal, ineffective all season until now, put in the best hit of the bunch by smashing star Longstride straight in the face. That was the end of the game for the famous elf kicker.

Crowdfunded got the score and the game was restarted after a quarter of play. The orcs formed a caged and lumbered up the pitch. In their own half, the Bretonnians attempted to jam the cage while ball carrier, Kermit, fell victim to a “Tripping Hazard”. The normally sure handed Kermit failed to recollect the ball and it bounced near to Crowdfunded. The knight then took a play from Longstride’s book and sent a defensive long pass deep back into the Orc half. The Muppets realised they didn’t have the pace to recollect the ball and score before halftime, so resorted instead to another hitting spree, sending a couple of Brets to the knocked out box.

The second half got underway and the orcs mounted another drive, this time with Beaker looking after the ball. The Dauntless Bretonnians held their line, but were taking heavy damage from the orcs. The orcs attempted to break the stalemate by surging forward, but Bulk Bogan exploited a small gap to floor Beaker. The game was coming to an end and bizarrely a “Ball Clone” appeared. This resulted in chaos with the Bretonianns unable to cover off both balls. In the dying moments some superb blocking by the orcs and a clutch pass from Gonzo was received by Kermit who dashed to the end zone on the buzzer. Agonisingly for the Muppetts, the ball disappeared leaving the true ball lying on the field.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed