Match: War Muppetts are back (1) vs. The Deep Lore Rabble (3)


The Muppets won the toss and cannily opted to kick to the rats in the first half. The Rabble were able to sneak some gutter runners through the defensive line and score on turn 3, leaving the Muppets to execute a classic Orc grind to score on turn 8. The second half started particularly well for the Rabble as the ball scattered deep in the Orc’s half before a Blitz on the kick-off table. This meant that the Muppets started the half with a screen of rodents between them and the ball only a few squares from the end zone. Despite this is it took 4 turns for the three gutter runners to finally manage to pick up the ball and score to go 2:1 with only a few turns left in the match. With only three turns left and a Blizzard raging since the start of the match the Muppets were already looking at an uphill struggle to equalise even before the ball magically cloned itself! Trying to get two balls over the line spread the Orcs thin and the Rabble were able to pop one of the balls loose and even
run it into the Muppet endzone on turn 16. Sheer luck meant that they chanced upon the correct ball and the final score was 3:1 to The Deep Lore Rabble.

from RRBBL: Rygas Cup X Feed