Mega Blood Bowl Re-Release on GDub "Made to Order"


If you are interested in 3rd Ed Blood Bowl miniatures, read on!

GDub will be putting 3rd Ed miniatures on the “Made to Order” section this Saturday (8th) for a “limited time”…



It’s great that they’re doing this, although hopefully it won’t interrupt the steady trickle of new stuff because that’s what I’m more interested in (even if its stuff I don’t need). I’m guessing that anything that goes up for order next Saturday is probably at least 6 months to a year away from getting a new kit, so it will be interesting to see what doesn’t go up.


Good point!


Based on the photos they have put up it looks like they are going to be offering only three teams:

  • Dark Elves
  • Chaos Dwarfs
  • Chaos