Middle-earth/LotR SBG


Does anyone play the Middle-earth and/or Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game?
I have an assorted collection of Good and Evil forces from way back in those halycon days of 2001’s Fellowship of the Ring.
Since the early 2000s I’ve used them fewer times than the number of movies the short Hobbit book can apparently be turned into. However, with the new edition (and tempting starter set) I’m interested in blowing off Shelob’s cobwebs and letting them run free once more across the plains of Middle-earth.


Not playing myself, but we’ve a small group playing and are running our second event next weekend for it, has proven unexpectedly popular!



Does anyone play it at Ryga’s?


Not seen it played at Rygas for a long time. I think a lot of that has to do with interest dying down a lot a year or so after The Return of the King came out. I still have my Minith Tirith stuff somewhere and wouldn’t mind playing it again, but I’m not really invested enough to make it worth buying the new rules. I’m not sure whether there are any others in a similar position to me.