My other half of the starter box khorne and maybe warhammer quest silver tower


Hello does anyone want or know anyone that would be interested in my other half of the starter box age of sigmar khorne army…thinking £35??
Might even let warhammer quest silver tower go for £60, both items(khorne army & silver tower)brand new and models assembled(silver tower set been black primed)if you’re interested speak to me on here or at the club.


Ill be open to offers on the khorne army😃


I’d be interested in the Silver Tower stuff if you do decide you wanna sell it.


Yeah mate if you fancy going down kirton on Saturday morning for a game i can bring it along for you to check out.


I doubt I’ll get permission from the mrs for Saturday, unfortunately, but I’m in no rush, happy to have a butchers at Rygas in a couple of weeks or whenever the next slow-grow is.


Thats cool,im doing sod all this weekend can bring it round,check it out and if you want it just sort out down the line…im guessing you want to models out of it lol as most is all you army?


Yup, pretty much, but at £60ish I don’t mind grabbing it on the off-chance of getting to play a game of it at some point. I’m probably not going to be around on Sat, but if that changes I’ll give yer a shout


Was just chatting with kirton a minute ago…apparently tim might open up between 12-4 on monday🤔,they’ve got some shadow wars going on Saturday