Necromunda job lot for sale


Hey guys

I’m having a hobby sort out in preparation for moving house and I am looking to sell my necromunda stuff.

It’s a great job lot for anyone looking to get into necromunda.

I have the following, all in really great condition:

  • necromunda core set (minus escher gang, goliath gang mentioned below)
  • gang war 1
  • gang war 3
  • house delaque rules supplement
  • 10 goliath gangers (8 built, 2 on sprue) including some Forgeworld weapons and other bits
  • 10 van saar gangers (8 built, 2 on sprue)
  • van saar tactics cards

just about everything is unpainted, the only painted items are the 10 barricades (lead belcher, nuln oil & dry brushed)

I think all of this is about £100 RRP

Looking for £50 (but will consider offers)

Happy to send pictures or bring it down to the club if anyone wants a look in person


Hello,how are the van saar built,and how much would you want for them and the cards?