Necromunda league in 2019


Hi all

I was wondering if people might be interested in taking part in a Necromunda league at Rygas in early 2019.

Basic format I was thinking of is (which is heavily borrowed from the Rygas Blood Bowl League)…

Each person has 1,000 credits to create their gang. Everyone will play one game against each other, with gangs progressing as we go. We then do a top 4 cut with the 4th place being a play off between the lowest rated gang Vs 4th highest rated gang (I call this the underdog place). You then have a semi final and final to determine which gang is King/Queen of the under hive.

Amount of rounds will be determined by number of players.

what do people think? Anyone interested.


I’m definitely curious. Depends greatly on my imminent personal circumstances changes (and also if I do the BB league) and how much commitment is needed.

Would prefer Kill Team, but Im sure there’s a way I could use those models in Necromunda.


I’m interested, although I still haven’t played the new edition yet so could do with a practice game first. Would also be on the proviso that I could still run and take part in the Blood Bowl league.

If games are short, I guess there is the possibility to get 2 league games done in one evening if your opponents are there.

Also, would the games use the boards or 3D terrain?


Cool, yeah I haven’t played the game much either which is why I thought a league might be a good way to start playing it.

We’d use the boards, not the 3D terrain as that’s easier. Also thinking it could alternate weeks between the Blood Bowl league, but was hoping to start the Necromunda league mid January, if there is enough interest.


2D sounds best for me if I can make it.


Are venator gangs allowed? (and/or chaos/genestealer cultists)


Dunno, not seen the rules for them. Where are they published?


White Dwarf (May I think)