Necromunda player hunt


Morning all,I probably should have checked before buying the new rulebooks to get upto date with the game lol but I’m looking for players to have some games with to get familiar with the game again and maybe start a campaign at some point,this is probably really bad timing with warcry coming out with the buzz around it but if you’re interested drop a reply in…if you need the updated rule book ilI see if I can photocopy the pages out of it and make a manual for anyone that’s interested???


I’m up for some games. Got the Goliaths from the main box but so far only chalked up 2 games :s


I got the new rulebook and gangs of the under hive on order so just waiting for that to come in the door so will be looking for throw away games and get familiar with the rules again maybe get a campaign started in a couple months when we get numbers of players and have them up to speed


<ay well be interested in this. I didn’t get any of the gangs when they came out, but I might well be picking up the rulebooks and a Cawdor gang soon


I’m also interested. Bought the new game and most of the Gang War books but not had a chance to play it yet. Possible @Jim_Albins, @Deathdude1441 and @Dopey may also be interested. I know there are some other Necromunda players at the club too.


Yep im well intrested in starting a new campaign. give me the chance to try something other than orlocks lol


This is fantastic,I did think that with warcry just coming out it would be bad timing but looks like there’s plenty of interest to get something started,my rule books turned up yesterday and picked up a box of cawdor and cards so I’ll probably use them for the campaign,looking forward to this!!


@LewDog we’ve spoken today with @Deathdude1441 on WhatsApp, but just to show on the forum that there’s a bit of momentum gathering, I’m up for getting involved. Simon


Anyone fancy a game next week (i.e. 31st) for a bit of refresher?


I’m playing James that day but maybe if someone else plays and games finish quicker than expected can swap opponents?


I’d be up for a game or two Scotty. As said above I haven’t played the new edition yet so would like to get a couple of games in before starting a campaign.


Awesome, sounds like we’re in pretty much in the same boat!


Any of you guys use WhatsApp,it’ll be easier for me to send pics from the rule book and gang book if you need it?


I’d be up for Necromunda. Keen to play more with my Delaque gang


I’d love to play as Enforcers, but I’ll have to see how much life is getting in the way at the time. As such, keep me posted on when the campaign will start.


Got my rulebook etc. today so if I can dig out some old Redemption models to use as proxies and my cards turn up tomorrow I’m good to go for a game :slight_smile:




Waiting for 10 when the prices drop to see if gonna pick them up,really liking their rules


If enough people can do it. Having the campaign start in the first wednesday of september sounds good. Gives people a month to have everything prepared.


I’d be interested in joining a campaign. Complete novice but I have ordered the rule book! :slight_smile:

Would anyone be willing to run through an intro game at all?