Necromunda player hunt


Yes mate we can do that,there’s a few of us that have got a handful of games under our belts now but still learning the ropes,I’m away this week and taking the books with me so hopefully in some down time get to read through properly,will be looking for games the following week tho


How long do games take? I’d ideally be looking for a <=2 hour game starting at 7:30pm to maximise my chances of a permission slip.


Depending on credit size and if your unsure on rules its normally a 2 hour game. So long as they dont drag on sometimes its possible to get 2 games finished


I reckon a 1000 credits if both players are familiar with rules and fast rollers could be about 40mins


Anyone fancy a spin round the old 4X4 high board against the Disciples of the Red Redemption on Wednesday? 1000 Creds


Cant do tommorow mate as playing 40k but can do next week after ?


Was thinking of grabbing the enforcers but might not get be able to get them for a while. Anyone mind if I proxy my old Ratskins as something? (Probably Escher or Cawdor based on gear, stats and abilities)


I’ll bring my books along next week and if you want to grab pictures,snap away mate,I might have the book of judgement by then too


Are Venator gangs allowed? Or any other means by which I could field a Rogue Trader-Esc Squad?


Dont think anybody would mind venetors. You could allways just take one of the gangs and use there starting stats/gear only reskinned as rouge traders


Does anyone want a game Wednesday 14th,wasn’t sure if anybody wanted a game or if a few of us were getting together,demo games get heads around rules etc…?


I’m currently due to play James, but if we finish fast enough there should be time for you to play either one of us.
When you start the campaign I take it we will be using new gangs?


Might be a good excuse to get my Eluclidian Starstriders painted up


Do you fancy a demo game?


Fancy a game?


I’m just after a game in general I have some escher painted ready for the table?


A demo game would be great :slight_smile:


Sorry mate, got a game sorted for this week. Not sure if I’m in next on the 21 or 28th, but would be up for a game then. Should have the Enforcers at least built by then! I’ll give you a shout once I know, but feel free to organise sumink else in the meantime.

I can’t make the first week of Sep. for the start of the campaign, unfortunately. Would prefer to have us all kick off at the same time so we can hammer out the details, but if that’s the best day for everyone I’m happy to play catch up later.


I can do a game on the 21st if anyone fancies it.


I’m working nights the week 19th so can’t make 21st,can do the next week tho