Necromunda player hunt


Do you have a gang you want to use?,im bringing the underhive core set so if you need a gang theres one there to use


I was thinking of running a Warcry campaign but dont want to double run with your campaign as you’ve announced this first?
Are you doing it every week from September?


How big should starting gangs be? I think I’m on about 5 or 6 venator dudes if I have a tricked out leader


Sorry guys (especially James) I’m bot going to make it along after all. I have been given the present of a stinking cold and 1. am not up for it. 2. Don’t want to pass it on.


No worries santa mate thanks for letting me know. Also on that anybody free tommorow ?


Come along anyway James as giving kev a demo game,I don’t mind watching and help with rules,maybe swap over see if can get a couple of games in?


Will you be joining us?


I’ll be there. I don’t have a gang yet so if I could borrow one that would be appreciated! (just picked up the enforcers today but I won’t have them built this week)


Hope to get involved in the campaign, although it’ll have to be done on the cheap. What’s the minimum amount of stuff I’d need? I can easily muster a Venator gang. Would love to use my Kill team boards at some point if poss


That’s cool I’ll just bring the box with both gangs that came with it


I guess as long as you got a gang,through the campaign as you get credits you could just keep equipping them with better stuff


In true scum fashion, I’ve “borrowed” the Necromunda rulebooks off the internet so that I can get familiar with the rules and come up with a squad. If I start playing in the campaign I’ll invest in a set for myself…


I may have done something similar, Dopey. I’ll go turn myself in to the enforcers…


Is it the new books?


Yeah, I found some decent pdfs of the new ones, but got a hard copy of the Book of Judgement.


Who here uses WhatsApp? We got a necromunda group,its not very active as theres only 3 people in there so you won’t get spammed but when the campaign starts itll be easier to communicate goings on,PM me your telephone no. And will pull you into the group


This is what I’ve come up with so far! 5 model starting line up.

If I use Elucia Vhane, the sarge, the heavy dude and 2 Voidsmen, then the Grand Total = 965

I then still have models for a Death Cult Assassin, a Medic, another Voidsman, an electric dude and a dog(!).

Backstory: The High Lords have recruited Elucia Vhane as a privateer, operating independently of the enforcers, to route out a particularly troublesome ring of thugs and corrupt officials in the under hive. For Vhane however, this is a pretext for finding ancient archeotech.

Item Representing Cost
Hunt Leader (Elucia Vhane) 105
Master-crafted Bolt Pistol (Heirloom Pistol) 60
Blasting Charges (Concussion grenades) 35
Sword (Monomolecular cane-rapier) 20
Conversion Field (Disruption Field Generator) 60
Hunter (Voidsman) 45
Las Pistol 10
Lasgun 15
Mesh Armour (Voidsman Armour) 15
Blasting Charges (Concussion grenades) 35
Hunter (Voidmaster Nitsch) 45
Las Pistol 10
Combat Shotgun (Artificer Shotgun) 70
Mesh Armour (Voidsman Armour) 15
Blasting Charges (Concussion grenades) 35
Hunter Champion (Stromian Grell) 80
Las Pistol 10
Heavy Stubber (Rotor Cannon) 130
Mesh Armour (Voidsman Armour) 15
Blasting Charges (Concussion grenades) 35


I’ve gone for the usual Cawdor tactic of quantity over quality :wink:
I’ve got 9 guys but the only ones with more than 1 weapon have flail and pistol or 2 pistols.
Hoping to buy some extra weapons as I go :slight_smile:


I can either use escher,goliath or enforcers personally I’d like to settle in goliaths or enforcers but depending if there too much of one gang(as Johnathan put it "there’s gonna be a pig infestation":rofl:then I’ll use the other,would like to know sooner tho on gangs being used so I can plan ahead(my enforcers are still on spruce and goliaths unpainted,so if I use one of them I’ll quickly try get them tabletop painted for the campaign and can decide loadouts)


I’m definitely going with the piggies! I’ve got the Goliaths from the main box built/painted if you want to borrow those whilst you get your own beefcakes sorted.

Campaign-wise, I reckon we should stick to a bog-standard dominion campaign this time around. Once we’ve gotten a handle on the campaign mechanics, we can try a narrative one or use the book of judgement stuff for a future campaign.