Necromunda player hunt


I’m happy to kill off any piggies using my Letter of Marque as justification… can be paid in Void Rum.


Just need to know what gang you’re using as swing what gang I’ll be using?


Just to confirm I’ll be taking part. Think I’ll go Orlock as no-one else seems to be reprezentin’ the House of Iron yet. :grinning:


Turn’s out I’m free this week rather than next. @LewDog you fancy a game? If not, any other takers?


I’m around on Wednesday and looking for a game.


I’m working nights this week unfortunately but will be looking for a game next week?


Fancy a scrap with the enforcers then Santa?

Sorry Lew, I’m not going to be at the club after that until 11th Sep. :frowning:


That’s alright mate,anyone fancy a game next week the 28th?


Go on then, I feel the need to proselytise coming on. Bringing the true religion to the cops :slight_smile:



The WhatsApp group for the campaign is going well,if you’re not in there follow the link,believe its only you @Jonathan not in the group now


Just joined



Gone a bit quiet on here, I assume there will be people playing Necromunda this week?

In the meantime here is my gang, the Cosa Nostra Tough Guys:


We are normally chatting in a whatsapp group. But this wednesday will be campaign prep for rules how long will last ect. Then next week is campaign start. Ill also send your gang a invite tommorow when using pc again


hey guys just a heads up for those playing first campaign games. the way we are doing territories is by having both players draw from a deck of cards rolling off and then fighting over said winners card. the location being according the the result on the dominion campaign chart for territories. if the territory has allready been taken either a re-draw or simply using the other players pick will work just as easily. this is to make the gaining of territory more random and to support a more fun campaign rather than min-max type


Tried to download the WhatsApp for desktop but it still looks like it needs an existing app on your phone to link to, so little hope of me joining the group. Since everyone else arranged their games via the app I got left out of it tonight and didn’t get a game in. I couldn’t remember whether Rob was involved as he also wasn’t there tonight, so I have messaged him to check. I notice he doesn’t have a gang on the campaign site so perhaps not?

Assuming I don’t get a positive reply from Rob, I will probably play Scotty next week instead. This will mean that he plays 2 games this round, but since he lost his first one it shouldn’t give him too much of an advantage.

If we have an odd number we will have to accept that some players will either play twice so that everyone gets a game, or that someone will have to miss out each round.


I was just coming to say would you like a game for next week mate. Thats if scotty has not arranged with you allready


And honestly would be best for everyone to get 1 game in a week as campaign will last 3 months if its 1 per 2 weeks lol


I did arrange a game with Scotty first but he also said he wasn’t originally planning to come next week so if he would rather stay at home then I’ll be happy to give you a game instead.