Necromunda player hunt


After getting cuffed last week I could do with another fight just for the chance of getting some credits. Although I don’t like the idea of going up against someone that outnumbers me and is better armed and armoured :grimacing::scream:

Did I mention I’ll be issuing arrest warrants for those Van Saar cop killers…:skull::policeman::skull:


Well I doubt I’m that much better armed or armoured. :grin:

Happy to give you a game this week if you are coming in, before you go on gaming paternity leave. :wink:


Awesome, looking forward to it. :grinning:


Thanks again to Scotty and Santa for the games this week, nice to finally get the models on the board. :slightly_smiling_face:

Still need to work out XP, income, trading and reputation so will have to do that before the start of the next game. Unfortunately the rulebook that comes in the box game does not have XP and Reputation rules for it’s scenarios - they didn’t add them until the hardback version was printed. :unamused:

Also, looking at my copy of Gang War IV, I think we may have put the wrong card back in the territories deck after the game. I chose Archeotech Device out of the 2 we drew (5:spades: and Jack:spades: ), but we kept out the Jack I think which is actually the Sludge Sea. If so, we’ll need to swap the cards around so the Archeotech is out of the deck.

Anyone playing Necromunda this week and up for a game?


I can give you a game Johnathan if you’re still looking for one?


Thanks Jonathan - don’t forget your sunglasses for the next one :sunglasses:

There’s apparently an up-to-date rules compendium on Reddit somewhere, but can’t get a link at the mo (at work) - I’ll see if I can find it later and post up here. I stumbled across an old version of it the other day and it made things a lot easier to navigate - one doc. rather than 4 different books!


one doc. rather than 4 different books! Woot! :point_up:


@LewDog definitely up for a game this week. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Scotty cheers, that would be useful. I did end up ordering the hardback main rules before I saw your post because I ran out of patience with not knowing whether the rules I was looking at were the latest version or not! Hopefully someone from Kirton will deliver it this week.


Excellent Johnathan will see you Wednesday


Cheers for the game this week Lewis. I have been trying to enter the result into Gang Manager but it doesn’t seem to give me the option - or do you need to be a campaign admin to do it?


Yeah only admin can update game wins but players have to track their own gang rosters,was a very good game,it was tough for the goliaths with the orlocks calling for back up and grinding them down lol,before the game how many credits did you say you had…1300,I gotta update my gang and rep later?


Which scenario did you guys play btw ?


We played Border Dispute. Neither gang relic got defiled during the game but the Goliaths eventually ran (even though the Orlocks had already failed their bottle test 3 turns earlier and had 3 of their fighters run off).

@LewDog Gang rating was 1310 at the start of the game.


Anyone up for a game of Necromunda this week?


Still on for a game of necromunda this week jonothan mate ?


Yup, definitely. Battle of the Orlocks sounds great.:grin:


Anyone up for a Necromunda game this Wednesday?


Well I see the campaign site hasn’t been updated in ages and as I’m not on the snapchat I don’t know what (if any) discussions have been had about this. With that in mind, I thought I should post an update of my recent games:

Border Dispute vs Dead Flogged Dogs - Dogs won comfortably and captured my Leader. They gained a new territory but I can’t remember which, think it may have been the Sludge Sea.
Rescue Mission vs Dead Flogged Dogs - my Leader broke himself free and escaped fairly easily.
Border Dispute vs Omnes Interference - win for the Tough Guys. My gang bottled turn 1 and most ran off straight away, but my Leader went onto solo the rest of the Delaques (aided by them bottling too) and pissed on their relic. Wasteland territory taken from Delaques.
Stand-Off vs Precinct AD-2000 - the Enforcers tried to take over the Orlock’s Refuse Drift but they successfully defended it after a close battle. Minty captured by the Tough Guys and put to work down their mines.


Yeah sorry about not updating the site in a while but havent had the chance as been in the middle of a move. Ill go ahead and give everyone admin privlidges later on this evening so as you arent all waiting on me all the time


Thanks James. Just logged in and saw I can now edit stuff so thanks for sorting that out. :smiley: