Trying to gauge interest for the new necromunda game…i watch a demo gameplay on YouTube last night and it looks ace and now definitely want to pick it up but who Would/want/Will be playing this at the club or even picking it up themselves??


Aye, I’ll probably be looking to get it. Hoping they include Ratskins in the legacy gangs that they’re doing rules for.


I’ll be a noob for this game,remember when it came out the first time around but never got to play it,I’m really into Aos but just haven’t the time or man power to build and get into 40k(as much as I’d like too)so I’m hoping this can scratch that itch.


I’ll probably be getting it. I still have all my old gangs :slight_smile:


I’m probably going to get it too, and I also have all my old gangs. :grinning:

I vaguely recall seeing concept sketches for a Ratskin ganger when the new game was announced, so it looks like they will come at some point.