New BB Chaos miniatures from GW



Announcement here and video below:


I want them!




Like the beast men. Not so keen on the many versions of Thud.


Thrud was a proper barbarian and wore a loincloth, not just his Under Armour like this lot!


He was a 50k inducement back in the day. Unfortunately he was “Easily Confused” and you had to roll after each drive to see which team he plays for!


Ditto. Definitely a fan of the beasts. I like that the warriors look like they might actually be blood bowl players but they are also a bit naked (especially for AV9) and some of those armour blades are frankly ridiculous.


I think I’d be tempted to saw the armour blades off (to make them fit better when prone)


Replace them with parrots and go full pirate.