New Blood Bowl For Sale £35! Includes everything but figures


Hi All,

I’m going to end up with two copies of the new Blood Bowl. Mainly so that I can pad out the Orc and Human teams with positionals! Turns out I have a bit of OCD when it comes to getting all the tactical options for a team.

Regrettably, I think I’ve overspent I and have encroached on the Wedding budget… :open_mouth:

As such, I’m looking to sell on the remainder of the extra game!

This is the box and everything that came in it (book, sheet, pitch, counters, templates, dugouts, ball, etc) except for the human and orc miniatures.

Yours for £35! Great for anyone looking for the game but doesn’t want the human and orc teams.


Dopey #


Yes please!


Great! :slight_smile: Rather see it go to someone in the club rather than a random on eBay


Not sure if I’ll be there this Wednesday, but if you pm me your bank details I can pay up.


Awesome! I’ve sent you a PM on this and The End Zone :wink:

… let me know when done


All done, should show up today.


The Plunder has arrived :slight_smile: … I can deliver the booty on a Wednesday or we can sort something else out if you need it sooner.


I don’t need it sooner but I probably won’t be able to come on Wednesday. If @JamesG is going to be there I’ll get him to grab it. Otherwise I might be able to come grab it in Exeter if you’re able to take it to your work.


Should be coming on Wednesday so pick up then?


Awesome! Heather found it, so I had to fess up, but all resolved now :slight_smile: