New Blood Bowl rules leak


Hi guys,

The full new rules set was available on Blood Bowl Community Facebook for a while. Did everyone interested manage to see them before they were taken down?



Yes, thanks. Saw them, got them :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the new edition. Some nice looking changes. I like the PA stat and players having more defined roles. Some of the new skills are clearly there to help with that as well. It always bugged that there wasn’t a proper QB role in the game. What will be interesting is the new meta and how the rosters actually play. Looks like there have been some pretty big changes to some teams.

I’m sure there are some things that I won’t end up liking, but that’s life. Looking forward to playing it.


Yeah , I saw them. From what I gather I think it might be good for a Skaven player like me who loves to use my thrower like a quarter back and run around alot. Maybe I might just win a game next season. Maybe… :joy: