New guy from last week


Hi guys,

I came over last week for a look and would like to say thanks. Everyone I spoke to was nice and friendly ( sorry if I forgot names).
Now someone offered to do an intro game to bloodbowl for me? I’d like to take them up on the offer but again, so many names.


Hi @Seth

We spoke last week (I was playing Blood Bowl), I think you said you have not played before. I’d be very happy to play you or even help you play someone else.

Suggest we have a one off non league game, with a view to give you an intro into the game mechanism. Do you have a team, dice etc? Not a problem if not :slight_smile:

In the mean time check out the leagues to date on @Dopey’s OBBLM server:

Rygas Roughnecks Premier League is the ongoing perpetual league running at the moment.


Hi James
no I don’t have a team. I can make it tonight but if it’s ok with you I’d love to play game next week.


Hi Seth, not a problem :slight_smile:


Hi James,

I Really am sorry to mess you about but work has come an kicked me in the balls. I’m going to have to arrange a demo at a later date. “Your going to work away for 2 days” “cool, when” " tomorrow "


Hi Seth,

Not to worry :slight_smile: Another time