New guys says "Hello!"


Hi everyone! I’m Blaze and after a few months of coming to Rygas Club, decided to create my account here.

Few words about me:
I’m one of the lads playing X-wing in the far corner near the rear exit. Love that game and sincerely encourage others to at least try it, as it’s easy to learn and simply pure fun doing wacky maneuvers. Other games I’m into, are Wild West Exodus (got loads of Union models and few detachments), Malifaux (got 2 crews to play with), Bolt Action (still slowly creating first army) and Dystopian Wars (just got into it after releasing 3ed months ago), so as you can see, not a lot of mainstream stuff. I’d love to introduce those games to other players, as they offer great models and few different, interesting game mechanics with great, zany background stories.
I’m not very into GW stuff however. As much as I find WH40k, AoS, Kill Team and other GW titles very good or at least having really cool models, I find GW to be a really bad company nowadays, treating their customers as “milk cows”. So got nothing against players or games- just don’t feel like supporting GW.
I used to play Magic and Transformers TCG, but again WotC is another “big player” which treats their games like “milk cows”, so for the same reason I stopped playing MtG. Still have a bunch of cards though, so if you fancy, we could play :wink:
When it comes to board games, I like lightweight classics: Carcassonne, Takenoko ect… Like deck building card games like Star Realms, but also very casual Dungeon Mayhem and Uno.

So as you can see, I’m a bit of an “alternative” seeking dude, mostly into Sci-fi/Fantasy/SteamPunk stuff. If you wanna try something out or looking to play some new games, but don’t have anyone to play with, hit me up and maybe I’ll be up for some action :slight_smile:

Thank you for reading and see you at Wednesday :smiley:


Nice to learn a little more about you Blaize. Malifaux, dystopian wars and bolt action have all had times when they were played at the club and I am sure their times will come again. There is a fantasy battle itch that needs scratching, but age of sigma does not seem to do it for me under this rule set. Am tempted to see if song of ice and fire will give me what I seek. There is a blood bowl league going on at the moment which feels like it has another month or so to run. Then we can all explore other options.


Hi Blaze,
You say that you play Bolt Action, do you have any interest in playing earlier Historical periods? Rob Angel and myself keep meaning to get a game in using the Pike and Shotte rules.
I’ve had a little look at Malifaux, but it didn’t really catch my fancy, perhaps we can talk about why you like it?
If you don’t want to support GW that’s a personal choice, but there are plenty of people with copies of the Blood Bowl rules you can get a look at, and a number of the teams used are non-GW.
Welcome to the Board :slight_smile:
{(-: )>


Sorry for late reply, but had problems getting back to my computer these day :sweat_smile:. Defto would love to try out Dystopian Wars, as it’s type of a game I’ve never played before and with hot head I bought few pack, since I really dig these miniatures! Will try to finish painting them and gonna be ready to have few games :smiley:I’m aslo aiming with new stuff from beggining of next year, as X-mas time is always busy and takes away focus from hobbies and such. I also plan to start X-wing league next year, so if anyone wants to join, is more than welcome to do sa :smiley:


Blood Bolw never realy cought my eye, but on the other hand also never tried it, so once the league is over, then I could ask for a demo game. my buddy Paul used to play and was interested as well, so why not? Ifi can get non-GW minis and noone have problem with it, then surely gonna consider leaping in :smiley:
I like Bolt Action, because I’m massively interested in II WW period, but again never tried Pike and Shotte (and I know it’s good system, as almost everyone who tried it, said so :wink: )


Hi Blaze, I’ve been toying with the idea of (slowly) getting into Bolt Action as well, my camo schemes will have to be on point though to disguise the arrival of another entire plastic model range from the GF! What period of WWII are you thinking of getting into? And which faction? I really like the look of the rule set but am a little put off by the wargame models (personal taste ofc, no issues with anyone playing whatever models they like!), however there are a couple of good alternatives out there that have caught my eye. I’m usually maniacally resurrecting Necrons or crying as Steve shoots my Blood Angels army off the board on a Wednesday, would be good to chat Bolt Action if you are around!


Hi Sam! I’m having big bunch of German Grenadiers to assemble. Some half-tacks, Panzers to add to that and want to get some sniper teams to that in the future. I aim fo 1944 Normandy units- something more advanced in tech, but still not too lat in war to have units “dishing out” last efford equipment. I like BA, as it really is easy when it comes to basics and not like other games, you have loads of alternatives, from small manufacturers to bigger players like Perry’s or Rubicon models (and of course noone should have problem, if you make conversions :wink: ).
One of best things about BA is fact, that you actually can play normal size game with just army starter box. Some dudes finding discounted stuff are even able to create 2500pts+ armies under £100, which with other games is just a starting point to have first game.
I’ll be making my army during X-mas break, so for next year we could schedule some games :wink:
Meanwhile, this is worth checking out if you are interested in BA:


You might want to check out the Panzer Lehr infantry from Wargames Atlantic in that case, looks like the best plastic late war Germans around at the moment. I’ll see if I can’t find some Brits in that case, I was going to go with Rubicon for the tanks as they look fantastic, will see what I can scrounge up for the infantry, unfortunately Perry only does Desert Rats! I’m also making life harder for myself by trying to stick to plastic where ever possible…


I already have around 5k pts of germans. Unbuild and waiting on shelf, tho always on lookout for some more goodies :stuck_out_tongue:
Thx for pointing out Wargames Atlantic. Saved in my tabs and gonna check them again once looking for more minis :smiley: