New member, looking to play some X-wing


Hi, I just found you guys and am interested in playing some casual games of X-wing on a very semi regular basis.
Wondering if there is much interest and what dates are good?
After all, someone’s got to protect our beautiful Empire from those Rebel slackers…


Hi there, welcome to our forum!

X-Wing is quite a popular game at the club at the moment with several players and at least one or two games being played most weeks. You are pretty much guaranteed to meet a couple of other X-Wing players any night you come along (even though they might be playing something else that evening), so in that respect any date is as good another.

Your best chances for getting a game is coming along to the club and speaking to other X-Wing players, or posting up an ‘Organise a game’ message like you already have done and asking if anyone is available the week you are planning on attending.

I play X-Wing myself (mostly Rebels but sometimes the other factions) and would be happy to give you a game any week I’m free.:smiley: I’ll be at the club tomorrow from 7:30pm and have nothing else arranged so could give you a game if you are planning on coming along.


Hi Jonathan, thanks for the reply.
Won’t be able to make it this week unfortunately but I’m definitely up for next week if you are still interested in a couple games then.


We have a bi-weekly Star Wars Armada campaign starting next week which I’m taking part in, but we are incorporating X-Wing games as part of it so we might be able to get a game in. Sorry, hard to say for certain until I know more about how the campaign will work!

I can think of a couple of other people who might be interested and available next week so I’ll ask them to get in touch via this forum.


Thanks again.
I’ll come along next week anyway, if only to show my face. Plus I’d be interested in seeing Armada being played, I’ve had a practice game once and really enjoyed it.


Yeah, I’ve only had a few games of Armada myself and I’m still learning the rules, but it’s an interesting game with very different tactics to X-Wing. Plus I get to use Star Destroyers!:grinning:

Cool, see you next week.:slight_smile:


Doesn’t look like I’m going to make it tomorrow, joys of an impending wedding, but I’ll try for next week instead.
Hopefully there will be some X-wing players up for a game :grin: