New player


Hi guys my name is Padds. David Ball knows me as I used to work with him (Hi Dave) . I mainly play AOS (played 8th fantasy for a good few years) but have tried a few other games. I work weekday evenings but would love to come in and play some games when I get time off (only live down the road from the club) .

How does it work? How much for a table ? . I have a week off soon and would like to come along and have a game . Is it ok to bring a friend?

Do you guys do any weekends ?

Sorry for all the questions



Hi Padds. I think I’m right in saying that your first week is free and then it’s either £2 if you play a game or £1 if you heckle, I mean spectate.On that basis it should be fine and positively dandy for you to rock up on any given Wednesday with as many homies as you can herd through the door.

I think @Reuben is looking to start some games near where he lives on Sunday evenings and Kirton Games do events on weekends sometimes.


Thanks for the info. I assume you have tables and scenery ?


Yes, although I’ve never worked out if there’s some sort of reservation process as I only every play Blood Bowl.

@Jonathan I have been tested and found wanting. How does it all work?


Tables and scenery are there for all to use and there is more than enough to go around. All we ask is that you don’t stamp on it too heavily when putting it back in the box…

The club is open on Wednesdays from 18:00, but people mostly eat chips and chat for the first half hour. The games go on until the bar shuts at around 23:00. Most games are played; AoS, 30k, 40k, bloodbowl, boardgames, Kings of War, Amanda, X-Wing etc. But if you have a game not listed, bring it along and I’m sure people will join in.


hey padds does this mean billy joining us as well lol
you still living the dream on the evening shift at dpd?


Yeah Dave still living the dream on the pm shift. I’m sure Billy will come along if theres ever a tournament at a weekend


look up kirton games on fb they run a few tournaments and do 15% discount to club members they just moved into a new shop they gonna have abt 7 gaming tables upstairs when its all up and running fully speak to @RobAngell he can give ya full details


Already ahead of you lol. Have checked them out might even make a pledge on their kickstarter. Do you play AOS Dave?


Hello mate im really new to the club and to the game,i got stormcast eternals(pretty much the starter set plus a unit and hero)so about a 1000 but if you’re about this Wednesday say hi and hopefully we can game at some point:D


just started about a month ago playing slyvaneth
ye iv made a pledge already


Sorry Lewdog I’m working this Wednesday. Looking to come along on the 12th april (if its on) But have arranged a game with a Friend. Maybe if he cancels I can play you.

Dave , will have to have a game some time against your trees.


Thats cool bud ill probably be around as im a new player to the club and still finding my feet with the game but yeah if it falls through and i cant get a game ill play you,im just having a good time meeting other sigmar players at the moment so be nice to meet you,Dave O i got a battletome book and some judicators hopefully arriving on Wednesday and im coming for your hurricamum…fancy a rematch at some point??


ye mate deffo there still grey tho lol