New skaven and flesh eater courts box split


Gw Just announced a new box, anyone want flesh eater courts as I want the skaven side and will happily split?
Going on normal release price the boxes are normally £95,kirton on pre order will probably do it for £80.75 so if anyone wants to split it???


Quite possibly… I don’t need any more crypt ghouls but that new vampire looks ace and depending on how many of those big guys (crypt horror and vargeist) are in there I could be very tempted. Do you know exactly what is in the box?


Looks like 20 ghouls,3 big guys,3 big guys with wings and a new hero,are you on Facebook the warhammer are of sigma page has a picture with them in it,I’d share it here but I can’t upload from my galley


I won’t touch Facebook, mostly irrational but some logic behind the reasoning.

That matches what the GW community webpage article had though so seems very tempting to me. The boxes those big guys come in usually retail around the £25-£29 range, so it’s definitely worth it if there’s 6 of them total.


Looks like 3 crypt horrors,3crypt flayers for the big things