New Star Wars Expansions for XWing/Armada/Legion + Clone Wars


The Clone Wars are coming to X-Wing and Legion… :slight_smile: almost like a new show is out next year :slight_smile:

also new waves and expansions revealed for armada/legion/xwing…! only $200 for the super star destroyer…




I like the X-Wing stuff, but the SSD for Armada is what I’m looking forwards to the most! Seen its up for pre-order on Element Games with an rrp of £185 (although they do give a discount on top of this, and I expect Kirton will when they get it in).

Some preview articles for the X-Wing stuff are up on the FFG site now, here’s link to the First Order one:

Article for SSD should be up tomorrow apparently.

It’s obvious now that adding Force and Calculate actions to X-Wing 2.0 was to get things set up for 2 new factions that contained a lot of Droids and Jedi. Gonna be hard to resist getting the Sith Infiltrator ship when it has Darth Maul as a pilot option…


Since i’ve got 3 ships from the Resistance, I’m gonna pick up the conversion kit and get the resistance bomber before it’s out… since its only 4 ships in that pack…