New to club


Hi guys! Moving up from Cornwall on DEC 21st and super excited to get to the club and start gaming. I am a AOS player (beasts of chaos and ironjawz) and will definately be looking for future games once I’ve settled into my new house. Just thought I’d create this just to show my face so to speak and look forward to gaming with you all!


well its a strange looking face lol welcome to the club


Hi Jay, I’m the one who replied to you on facebook earlier today. You shouldn’t have any trouble arranging games of AoS once you get here as we have several regular players of that system. I haven’t played it much myself but am looking to get in some more games (I’m primarily a Beasts of Chaos and Undead player myself).

Hope your move to Exeter goes OK next week and I look forward to seeing you at our club in the new year. :smiley:


Cheers guys! Will get in touch when I’m ready for a AOS mashup! :metal:


You definitely found the right place for Aos,welcome to the club and when you’re ready I’ll definitely give you a game,good luck with the move,have a good Xmas and see you in the new year😃


Brilliant!! What armies does everyone play then? Super pumped for a new club. Little AOS interest in Truro, be good to be at a new club and not continuously play against darkling covens :joy::joy:


Ah, I’ve got a Darkling Covens army :stuck_out_tongue:
When I get round to painting them I will also have Daughter’s of Khaine and Idoneth Deepkin.
I also have a load of Fantasy Orcs and Gobbo’s I will probably do something with at some point for some ‘oldhammer’ stylee stuff :slight_smile:


Welcome to Exeter - hope the move goes well!
I play all sorts of armies, at least one from each Grand Allience (which explains why I always forgot their rules and stats, changing which one I’m using each week!).
Happy to play a game some time in the new year once you’ve settled in!


Well, I move in tomorrow!! So as of the new year I’m ready to game! Also, out of interest, does anyone run games at home? I’m looking to do that when I get a table and scenery. Want to play more than once a week is my New Years resolution.


I’ve hosted Necromunda (old edition) and Blood Bowl at mine before. Not realistically got room for bigger than a 4X4 board (which I have 1 of as well as 40k/Necromunda scenery, plus a load of fantasy scenery which needs sorting/painting)


kirton games in crediton do regular gaming nights on a sunday and a lot of us get our models ect from them
@RobAngell is the main man to speak to on this