OBBLM and the new rules


Hi Guys,

It’s looking like there’ll be a few changes to be made to the OBBLM as a result of the new rules.

First up - Should I change the Human Catchers to 60k?


Dopey #


We could do a poll on here if that helps.


Sounds good! We’ll consider the poll “Advisory” :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why we wouldn’t change the cost of the catchers. I assumed with the new rules being near identical everyone would be happy to switch over to them, then we just have to plug the gaps from the missing teams and star player.

Stuff like special play cards for league play will need to be debated though.


Other ones that might warrant discussing are:

  1. Do we still use Wizards? I think the suggestion is that they will get brought back at some later date.
  2. PO is now optional. Do we want it (presumably with the new TRR requirement)?
  3. There’s a whole team redrafting process for between seasons that might be worth adopting in part or in whole.


Yeah, they all need to be considered to. My initial take on them:

  1. I’m not keen on Wizards, but they are a good leveller for teams that find themselves heavily outmatched.
  2. ClawPOMB has never been an issue in our league, so the new modified version of PO is fine.
  3. Tricky one this, will have to think on it. I’m sure some players will like to try it.


Re 3. Maybe keep the Rygas Cup as it is and have a rolling league separate to that?


Ok guys! The OBBLM is back up!

see http://bbtest.dopeybosley.co.uk

Hopefully everything works as before.

You can now sign up for Winter League!

See also http://bbtest.dopeybosley.co.uk/index.php?section=rules for the Winter League rules.

The colour scheme has changed. Apologies for this…

If people can check everything else is in order, that would be great! DaveO - I think I’ve recovered all your miniature pics :slight_smile:

Party on!

Dopey #


Ok guys, I’ve put in a crude hack for the human catcher costs. In addition to “Catcher” for 70k you will find “Catcher New” for 60k when building human teams. Please use the appropriate one for the league you’re in! … Don’t use both :wink:

Remember that the OBBLM is currently at: http://bbtest.dopeybosley.co.uk and is accepting teams for Winter League :slight_smile:


Ok… I need to add Guffle Pusmaw to the OBBLM. If anyone plans to use him imminently, then let me know and I’ll bump that work up the schedule.


Apologies that the OBBLM is currently DOWN. Having some difficulties activating the new link.


Yey! The OBBLM is now UP again :slight_smile:

It’s now at it’s “Rubble” home: http://rrbbl.dopeybosley.co.uk

I dont plan to change it from here in the near future.


Winter League Rules Changes!!

Just made a small mod to the rules at: http://rrbbl.dopeybosley.co.uk/index.php?section=rules

“Santa’s Grotto” now gives you a “Random Event” AND and a “Miscellaneous Mayhem”. This is so we can gather data about the cards and the relative usefulness of the decks.

The cards have also been added to the inducement list. You can buy additional “Random Events” for 50k and additional “Misc. Mayhem” for 150k. The costs are somewhat a compromise between GDubs and NAFs respective ideas of what they should be.


I’ve changed all the non-Wednesday match dates that were obviously Wednesdays to Wednesdays. This has involved “hacking” the database, so if anyone sees anything odd with the OBBLM then let me know.


In my coffee break, I’ve upgraded the OBBLM so that the new Star Players (Guffle Pusmaw and the Bugman’s ones) are accessible. Although not yet available in languages other than English! Now consistent with NAF2017.