OBBLM odd behaviour


Hi All,

There appears to be a few oddities occurring with our OBBLM Blood Bowl League Manager. I’m listed as “Retired” and can’t log in with my normal username (I can still log in as a super user). If anyone notices anything weird then please let me know.




Ok - I’ve sorted that one. @Muppett, I think you may have a similar problem. Try and reset your password again.


@Muppett, I’ve sent you a PM with instructions. If they don’t work, let me know and I can resolve it by other means.


yeh tries to log in with


but no luck

also tried another reset but no luck


Ok, leave it with me dude!


@Muppett, all sorted now dude! Given we are called Muppett and Dopey, that could be considered surprising!

I have sent you a private message with your new password.