OBBLM Task Force


Hi guys,

We’d better start thinking about configuring the OBBLM for the next Rygas Cup, as NAF have now created a new version “1.0”.

We have three options:

  1. Keep on using what we have
  2. Install a fresh version of the “NAFLM” and start using that (keeping the old one for historical purposes)
  3. Attempt to “upgrade” our OBBLM to the new NAFLM.

Suggestions / Comments gratefully received

Dopey #


There are very few database structure changes so it’s a fairly easy upgrade. If you want to give me a copy of the db by either:

  • mysqldump -u username -p database_name > dumpfilename.sql” on the command line
  • or use phpMyAdmin if you’ve got it on your server already

and a zip of your OBBLM files I can send them back to you all upgraded.


Either option 1 or option 3 I think.


Note that I’ve had to upgrade the php on the obblm to avoid additional costs. Seems to be working fine, but let me know if you notice any problems.


So my plan with this is as follows:

After ExE-Bowl, I will upgrade to the current NAFLM version with Tom’s help (hopefully). The aim will be to do this in such a way that it is easy to keep up-to-date with further changes to NAFLM.

When the upgraded site is ready, I’ll set up a new continuous league where teams evolve as normal. Partly for fun and partly to check everything works ready for the next Rygas Cup.


As NAFLM is on GitHub I think the easiest way to manage future upgrades is to fork the project as your own repository and then merge in future upstream changes. Happy to help with this or even manage the Git side of things.


Great stuff - this sounds like the way forward :slight_smile: … Maybe we can have a chat about this later?


I’m not sure whether we actually came up with a plan on Wednesday! Shall I fork NAFLM and then add you as a contributor?

We can then start recreating Rygas specific changes. If you’re able to chuck a zip of the files somewhere for me to download I can help.


Sounds good! Should I sign up to github first? … oh wait! I have one! I’m “dopeybosley”


Thanks for the github repository invite :slight_smile: … If I don’t end up at an Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend, I’m tempted to have a stab at this. You about this weekend, Tom?


Probably not much at weekends generally I’m afraid, I end up doing this sort of thing over my lunch breaks usually! If you PM me on here I’ll get it on my phone so happy to be on call.