Packing away scenery/terrain boxes after use!


Just a little polite notice:
I’ve noticed a recent trend at the moment with players using the equipment and not putting the boxes back,I appreciate that while some games are being played it wouldn’t be necessary for you put them away while it’s being in use.
I tried to gauge what people were going to be playing and as shadespire and aos was popular last night I put the 40k stuff to one side outside the cupboard but come the end of the night the 40k stuff had been used and left in the main room,this issue is more common with 40k players and it seems to be the same few that get the stuff out and get lumbered with putting it ALL away!!
We all share the equipment and should share the responsibility of putting it away!
Apologies if I’m coming across a prick about it but a few of us have remained quite as its starting to become annoying “sort it out ladz or da boyz gonna duff you up Waaaaagh”


I fully support you LewDog.
I try and put away any terrain etc. that I have used, but have been lumbered with putting pretty much the lot away on my own before!


I know what you mean Lew, but a lot of the time the boxes get left out until the boards are put away. The boards need to go in first, and then the terrain boxes stacked up on top.

Wouldn’t hurt though to just take the boxes through to the corridor if you know there’s nothing else that needs to go in.


True, you can put about 6 boards down the side of the boxes I noticed,So they could probably put some in with no dramas but yeah even if it was put outside would still take the pressure off packing away.