Perpetual League Division 2 Fixture List


All, Here is the fixture list for Division 2

Round 1 Ending 30/9
Santa V Jim
Steven V Simon
Bye - Kev

Round 2 Ending 20/10
Jim V Kev
Santa V Steven
Bye - Simon

Round 3 Ending 3/11
Santa V Kev
Jim V Simon
Bye - Steven

Round 4 Ending 17/11
Steven V Kev
Santa V Simon
Bye - Jim

Round 5 Ending 1/12
Steven V Jim
Simon V Kev
Bye - Santa


Kev, you happy to play our game a week on Wednesday? I’m watching the new Bond movie this coming Wednesday so can’t make it to the club


Hi Jim, yes Wednesday 13th is fine with me.


Due to a scheduling conflict, round 2 has had to be extended by 1 week, I have altered the timings in the initial post. This does, however, mean that the Divisions are back in step.


Hi Kev

My shoulder has been playing up today and is causing a lot of pain. I was hoping it would have eased a bit during the day but it hasn’t. Do you mind if we postpone are game until next week (20th)

Sorry for having to cancel


Hi Jim, no worries that’s fine for next week.


Simon, my friend has just messaged me to say they’ve got me a ticket to go see Dune next Wednesday, do you mind if we have out game the following week now?


Hi Steven, are you free for our bloodbowl game this week?


Hey, I am indeed free to play this week. Do you have a board ect?


Yes I do, I’ll bring it along.