Perpetual League Season 2 Pools and Fixtures


The 3 starting pools will be -

Pool Alpha
Jon Clack
Paul C

Pool Delta
Dave O

Pool Omicron

The first fixtures are -
Paul C Vs Simon
Andy Vs Kev
John Vs Santa

The 3 other coaches get their Bye.

The timeline for Round 1 will be 18th - 31st May, with Round 2 commencing on 1st June.


Hi Santa, are you happy that we play our game on 25th? I’ve already got another (non-Bloodbowl) game booked in for tonight. Hope this is ok?


As folks have been enquiring, here’s the schedule for the rest of the Pool matches.
Round 2 8/6 - 21/6
Simon V Jon - Paul C Bye
Kev V Dave O - Andy Bye
Santa V Rob - John Bye

Round 3 22/6 - 5/7
Paul C V Jon - Simon Bye
Andy V Dave O - Kev Bye
John V Rob - Santa Bye

Round 4 6/7 - 19/7
Simon V Paul C - Jon Bye
Kev V Andy - Dave O Bye
Santa V John - Rob Bye

Round 5 20/7 - 2/8
Jon V Simon - Paul Bye
Dave O V Kev - Andy Bye
Rob V Santa - John Bye

Round 6 3/8 -16/8
Jon V Paul C - Simon Bye
Dave O V Andy - Kev Bye
Rob V John - Santa Bye.

Later rounds will be scheduled dependent on results.