Perpetual League Season 2


All, Season 2 of the Rygas Roughnecks BB2020 Perpetual League is now open.
The Off Season rules starting on page 99 of the rulebook will be used with one exception. The Agent’s Fees are reduced to 10K.
Note, any coach using the same team will have the Fan Factor transferred across as per the 2021 FAQ.

Rosters should be given to me before Wednesday 4th May, when the opening fixtures will be drawn.
As last year, there will be 2 weeks to play each match.


I will definitely be taking part, just need to decide on the team. I don’t intend to re-use my Dark elves from the last league.


Hi Santa, I’d like to play. Will be using my necro team.


I have been instructed to read the calendar better next time :slight_smile:
The draw will take place on the 11th of May, as I will be away at a wedding on the 4th!


Santa, I will be taking Goblins and Simon will be going with Humans. Do you wish us to email lists or bring them along when we play?


Hiya, same question really! I’ll be using a Khorne team, shall I email it to you or bring it along next Wednesday?


If you all bring your rosters along for me on Wednesday the 11th that will be fine.
If you aren’t going to be at Rygas that evening, e-mail is also fine.
DM me if you need my e-mail.


I don’t know if I will be along this week as I’m working until 8pm, but will email my roster along if not. Still trying to decide on which team!

The following week I think I’m due to finish work at 6pm so would be available to play my game if my opponent is.


All. Due to a cock up on my part over Coach availability, everything I said on Wednesday was a lie :stuck_out_tongue:
We have 9 coaches, so we will start the League in 3 Coach pools, play Home and Away games then have crossovers before moving to seeded games.
This sounds complicated, but Trust Me :slight_smile:
I have started a new thread for the fixtures.


How many make it out of each group?


Everyone makes it out of the pools, there will then be seeded games to establish positions on the table.
The crossover matches are there in case 1 pool is particularly more difficult than the others.


Hi Andy, are you free to play our league match this week?


Hey Kev,
Andy doesn’t really get on here, but he says to tell you that he is up for the game next week. The one caveat is that his Daughter could possibly need him after an Op.


Thanks Santa, I’m away on Wednesday but I can definitely do the following week.


As I’m new to the league I’m not sure who Simon is but I’ll probably be at the club this Wednesday if you’re about?


It should really be played this Wednesday, but I think I can let it slide a week, due to the Comms issues.


Simon is the chap who usually takes names if Dave O isn’t around. He doesn’t get on the forum, but does see Facebook posts on the Rygas page.


Hi all. Simon has asked me to extend his apologies. There were some genuine serious real life issues which made it impossible for Simon to attend. Both myself and Simon will be there this Coming Wednesday with our BB teams should games be available.


All, as the majority of Round 1 games have not yet been played for various reasons, I have decided to extend the Round for a week. This will, obviously, mean that the following rounds will have to be moved. Please see the updated fixtures post.
Hopefully, this won’t be needed again and we (and our families) will all be hale and healthy, and worry free.


Hi Santa, what games have been played so far? Are we posting results on here? Should I bring my team or arrange an alternative game?