Perpetual League Season 2


Hi Dave, the only game played so far was my game against John. I’ll set up a results post to report results on. I am fine with games being played early, but I see from the thread that your First round opponent is due to play this week, so I would bring an alternative.


So far, there has still only been 1 League game played. I will extend the date for Round 1 to the 8th, but I really don’t think that it’s fair to make those who had a bye in Round 1 wait any longer, therefore the deadline for Round 2 will remain 21/6, i.e. the Tuesday before club night.
Round 1 Games still to play -
Paul C vs Simon
Andy vs Kev

@David_Olorenshaw can you please let Simon know.
@RWright can you please let Andy know.

The Only Round 2 match currently eligible to play is me vs Rob.


I have passed on the message to Simon. I will bring both Bloodbowl team and Song figures on Wednesday, so I will be able to play the round 2 game early and swap the games with round 1, if that helps.


Simon says he will have his team with him ready to play (Jon if necessary). There is a possibility that he might not get there till 6:30.


Hi Dave, If @Kev is available on Wednesday that should work if everyone is in agreement. Andy is playing 40K on Wednesday apparently. Kev and Andy could then play next week.


Sorry guys, I’ve had a busy few weeks and haven’t been able to make it. I’ll probably be there Wednesday if I’ve got game due!


Games yet to be played for Round 1 -
Paul C Vs Simon
Andy Vs Kev

Games yet to be played for Round 2 -
Kev V Dave O

Round 3 is due to start on the 22nd

At this point, games can be played in any order with coaches agreement. I’ve given up Cat Herding :stuck_out_tongue:


Simon told me last week he will be around with his Blood Bowl team this week and is happy to play the delayed game if you are there.


I was planning on being there tonight but my car has failed its MOT so I’m without transport and can’t make it. Sorry!


Result from our game tonight:

Andy (4) 2 v 1 (2) Kev