Perpetual Premier League Knockout Signup!


Hi Sports Fans,

The Blood Bowl Irregular season ends at the end of this month.

Sign up here with the name of the team you’d like to use if you’d like to take part in the Playoffs starting in November in a bid to become Premiership Champs!

You’ll need to commit to no more than 3 games.

Winner will receive a mythical LED backlit trophy (to be manufactured next year) along with eternal glory and mega prize money for their team.

Commish Dopey


So I’ll be getting my trophy for being the current league champion next year then? :wink:

Needless to say, I would like to take part in this, using my Khorne team probably.


I reckon Chotek’s Chosen could do with the mega prize money, do I just mention them here for the sign up?


Yep- both trophies will be manufactured next year :wink: :trophy::trophy:


Yup! All done!


I’m up for it! Not quite sure who I’ll use yet.