Plans for Blood Bowl OBBLM upgrade


Hi guys,

I’ve been working on a improved version of OBBLM with updated Star Players and rules.

I plan to implement this next year. As such, the Rygas Cup 2019 will be the last tournament on the existing system. I will however attempt to make star players up to and inc Spike Magazine 4 available.

Subsequent tournaments will be recorded in the new system. Data from the old system will be retrospectively added to the new as and when time permits.

Block on!



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Hi Guys,

I’m now upgrading the Blood Bowl League Manager ( to put in all the new star players etc.

I’m looking for a “Wish List” of all the things you’d like the OBBLM software to do(/not do!) or any additional features you’d like.

I’m not proposing that I’ll get all (any!) of these done, but it would be good to know what people want in an ideal world.

The code will be available at: rather than festering away on my hard disk. This means others can potentially contribute code changes.