Popping in


Hey guys I may pop in after work tomorrow night if that’s ok. Will be just after 9pm hopefully. Is there a special room I have to come to? Does the social club run anything else on a Wednesday night?


Heya, yeah we’ll be in the main hall - its the second door on the left as you come in (first doorway leads into the bar area, then there’s a set of double-doors into the main hall). You’ll probably hear us once you open the main door.
I don’t think they have anything else organised or regular, but there’s sometimes people playing snooker, darts or skittles in the other room.


You shouldn’t even really know about the “special room” until you reach sub-cultist level 3 (ordained).


@Nanuek doesn’t like to share his padded “special room”


Looks good. Will be in next Wednesday for a game against my buddy as I have the evening off. £2 to play right?