Proof that power points aren't balanced


look at game 2 on this link they have done points but shown the power points alongside the points look a the power points gap between the 2 armys in power points

that 1 point diff in two armies but 27!!! power points difference


I really don’t see the problem here. Power levels are a rough guideline you can use to easily build armies and play games, points is a more complicated system that lets you make more detailed choices in your army selection. They’re not supposed to be like-for-like, if that was the case, there’d be no point in having both systems


The other thing to consider is the fact that power points don’t cost in equipment, and using the Matched points you may have paid a lot extra for equipment that you either don’t need or that turns out to be a worse option than the more basic weapons, e.g. paying for a multi-melta when the cheaper heavy bolter would have turned out to be the better option because of what your opponent is using.

Really, there isn’t any definitive ‘proof’ that Matched play points are a balanced system either. Its really more about what do both players want from their game.


they could have made it so that the original pp cost of the unit was lower but say on a tac squad 1pp to add heavy and special weapons to a unit and 1pp to upgrade the sgt weapons (like they have done characters and with vanguard vets and assault squads upgrading with jump packs costs 1 pp for 5 2pp for 10) instead of being in the middle and leaving it open to abuse

so if you were to transfer a pp list over to points so say 2000pts is equal to roughly 100pp (with around a 5%= 100pts on a 2k list variation on points when comparing to different pp lists)

which then would also help say kids who want to go to matched play, so suddenly there awsome pp list that they have been working so hard to build and play with don’t fit in 2k pts or doesn’t have enough points and needs to be completely redesigned instead of being a few tweaks here and there to a few units
basicly so it doesn’t scare ppl off matched play

not to mention a poor kid who plays a balanced list in pp verses a kid that looks at the list and goes ooohhh look at all the toys i can have for nothing i’m going to have all of them (yes this may have been me if i was a kid now starting out now in 40k) the poor kid using a balanced list is going to lose out and quite prob lose unless s/hes lucky and a tactical genius and if this keeps happening s/he might give up the game which is a loss to gw and the warhammer community
and i just worked out the diff versions of my raven guard list i’m using that comes to 115pp the difference in points between using both ends of the scale (no upgrades vs fully kitted out) is 911pts so an average list is prob half that verses a fully kitted out list so 450pts anyone who’s played a campaign game with a points diff knows thats a big disadvantage

my point is basicly this they could have made the relation to pts and pp closer to make the transition from one to the other easier and so young players don’t get discouraged and quit the game because there using power points which in my opinion is unbalenced


or how about AOS style points system cus pp is basically a dumbed down version of that


Your right Dave, BUT…

The whole point behind PP is for quick pick up games IMHO, between people who just want to throw some models down for a casual fun game.

Is it open to abuse? Totally. Both players have to go into the game with the same mindset, or it could easily fall over.

Could it be fine tuned? Absolutely. But if your going to do that why not just go the whole hog with matched play?

It’s simply not intended for finely balanced or tournament play.


heres what i think they should do for example sm tac squad

10 man 8pp + special and heavy 1pp + sargent weapon upgrades 1pp=10pp

no more complex than current
should balance it a bit better less open to abuse just close the gap a bit better points wise