@Rich Deane - AoS tomorrow night


Hi Rich
Are we still on for AoS tomorrow night?
I think we said 2000 points?


Hello Fred,

Yes I was still hoping to get an AoS game against you this week. 2000pts is fine.


Good stuff.
I’ve got rugby practice 6-7, so should be there about 7:20, could you grab a table?


Will do.


Thank you for the game last night Fred. After sitting down and re-reading my book I noticed a few things I got wrong. I’m listing them here for the sake of helping me remember for the future.

Ethereal now ignores all mods, positive and negative. I had to check the wording but mystic shield says that it gives a +1 to saving throws (if it had said improves the units save by 1 it would work but alas…) so that was bad on my part.

Vile transference actually requires me to nominate a unit within 6" of the enemy unit I target to heal. This would have affected my healing of the Mortis engine on at least 1 turn. (When I zapped the daemon prince.)

Terrorgeists have a 4+ save (I was playing it as a 5+).

Completely forgot that if my wizards roll a 9 to cast they get to cast the spell they just cast again for free. (Can’t remember if it would have cropped up but I will remember it for the future.)

The balefire lantern affects units, not just models.

Vanhels danse macabre now affects any summonable unit. (I had been playing that it still only affected deathrattle, mordant and deadwalker units.) This means hexwraiths can benefit from it now!

Still haven’t found anything about the command ability that returns a summonable unit to play once per game.


No worries mate, glad you enjoyed it.

I don’t think I got many of my rules wrong but I definitely got some positioning wrong (my own trees in the way for instance!) so I’ve taken away some lessons as well.

I’ll look forward to the rematch.