RRBBL Blood Bowl Web League Manager Update



Hi Guys,

A few of you have noticed that the league management webpage is down. I have been doing a fair bit of work behind the scenes to get the software up-to-date (spike magazine wise) and making it easier to work on moving forward.

I have moved the old page (which hopefully is read only) to here: http://rrbbl.dopeybosley.co.uk/archive/2016-2019/

The new page will be up at: http://rrbbl.dopeybosley.co.uk soon (hopefully today). I’ll set up a “Pre-Season testing” league so people can test for bugs (volunteers needed).

Our codebase now resides on GitHub: https://github.com/dopeybosley/rygas-naflm This means changes can be tracked and that others can contribute to the rygas implementation if they so desire.

Over time, I plan to migrate all the old match data to the new site, but this is currently a fairly low priority for me.

More to follow…



Thanks for doing the updates and getting it back online Dopey. If you can let me know how I can help test the new page I’ll see what I can do.


Just tried to register with the new site for testing and it failed. I couldn’t select a League and when I ticked the League Commissioner I got 'Request failed : Registration was successful, but the administrators were NOT notified via email. Your account will not be activated unless you contact an administrator. ’


Hi Santa,

Yeah, there is something wrong with this method. I’ll set people up manually.