Rygas Club: Shadespire pre-Xmas mini-comp - Wednesday 20th December


Hi All,

For those interested, please keep Wednesday 20th December free as the club is planning a Shadespire mini-comp.

Free to enter for club members. Shadespire virgins welcome!

Details to follow…


Club have a copy of Shadespire with part painted figures for anyone that wants to try it or just borrow the board and cards.


Sounds great Fred - I look forward to it.

I’m demoing Shadespire this eve for 5-6 people, is there any chance I could borrow the Shadespire set for that Dave mate so we can run two tables?



I’ll have a Shadespire core set with me tonight if you need one to borrow Rich.
Will mostly be playing X-Wing but was hoping to squeeze a quick bit of shadespire in, too



  • 5 Games
  • 35 Minutes per game
  • Single games per opponent, not best of 3 (Best of 3 is GW official OP rules)
  • 10 minutes between rounds for data entry and draw
  • Swiss system based on glory points - first round draw will be random
  • Objective holding for tie breaks and to prevent same player re-draws
  • Fixed Objective and Power Card deck for the whole tournament
  • In the case of a 5th round tie at the top of the table, a ‘to the death’ game will be played.
  • Top Player will receive a £20 KG Voucher, Runner up a £10 KG Voucher

First game starts at 6:30pm


Hi all
Just a reminder that this mini-comp is on next week so don’t forget to bring your Shadespire Warband with you.
Plenty of players have multiple Warbands if anyone wants to give it a try, this is open to all.

Starts 6:30pm!


I’ll come but I left my boards and tokens in NZ, so only have my deck and warband, if that’s alright?


Hi jim

No problem, I’m sure we have a spare set, after all everyone has 2 boards and only brings one to a game.




Club have a set…


Hi guys, I heard about this Shadespire event through a friend, I hardly ever visit Rygas but I love Shadespire. Do I need to sign up for anything or just appear tomorrow at 6:30?


I think it’s just turn up and jam, that’s what I’m doing anyway. subs are £2 usually I think