Rygas Cup Final


Just want to say a huge congratulations to @Jonathan for winning the Rygas Cup!

@Jonathan was the better coach in the final on the (two) days and deserves the win - especially as he fought back from a shakey start to the season. It was hard fought, but Jonathan always had the answer.

As for me, to anyone there it would have been obvious I couldn’t hide my disappointment. The tournament has taken a lot out of me and it was just too much falling at the last hurdle. Just had to get out of there. Hope that didn’t take the gloss off Jonathan’s victory as he thoroughly deserved it. Felt it best to just get home and cool off.

Even before the final I’ve realised that I’m pretty emotionally drained at the mo and I’ll definately be playing more casually for a while… especially on week nights! … I need a beer :slightly_smiling_face::beer:


Thanks Dopey. There have been some very tense matches at times so I can understand if you felt a bit drained after waiting 2 weeks to finish this match, I think I would have as well if the positions were reversed. Blood Bowl can be very intense at times and I think the dice just ran a bit kinder for me tonight than they had in the first half, especially with that string of rolls to take the lead.

The league is meant to be semi-casual, but it’s all too easy to get sucked into an more competitive mindset as the weeks progress, especially with the skill and experience of all the regular participants becoming noticeably closer from season to season. Hopefully when you are up for it we can play a more relaxed game in the premier league. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congratulations Jon, I have the trophy in my possession and can undertake an award ceremony next Wednesday…